Directions to Serendipity
from Todos Santos
   The drive from town to Serendipity is an easy 5 minute drive on paved road.  I have
added a few details to give you “markers” as you go but it is not complicated. (Note:  
Many of my guests have relied on Google maps to direct them to us, but Google will
send you to Camino International which is past where you should turn.
It is better if you follow these directions.)

Entering Todos Santos:  If you enter from Cabo, you will proceed down the main
street to the end and turn right onto Calle Juarez.  Proceed up the hill past the Hotel
California (on the left) to the 2nd stop sign at the top of the hill.  If you enter from
La Paz, you will enter on Calle Juarez and go to the 2nd stop sign.  This is a three
way stop with Galleria Ezra Katz on one side and a two story brick building with
shops across on the corner.  This is Calle Topete.   

To Serendipity:  Turn down Calle Topete and continue to a stop sign.  At this stop
sign, you will turn left on Horizonte and continue on the pavement for about 1.5 km.
You will pass the following “markers”.  There will also be a couple of turquoise
“Serendipity” signs on posts on the right side along the way.  
-        Apartment building on the left, a school and then Mercado Pinos on the right.
-        Paved road will curve to the right….stay on it.
-        Tortilleria and Hardware store on the left
-        Mercado El Sol on the left and a Quaker State on the right
-        Cleo’s Restaurant and Laundry on the left; there will be two speed bumps
        in this area.
At the top of the next hill you will see a large house on the right with a high rock
wall around it.  Just past this house, there is a telephone pole with a small
Serendipity sign.  (There is also a larger sign for Luna Azul on the pole on the right.)   
Directly across from the telephone pole is a very small road on the left with a
blue and white sign that says “Camino del Cielo”.   Turn left here – you are
now off the pavement.  Go down this road a short distance to the Las Brisas
del Pacifico road on the left where the road splits into three roads.  Take the middle
road and pass Villa Cantamar road on the right.  At the bottom of the hill, you will
see a bluish house with a curved front to your left and, on the right, a post with
wooden road signs that say Calle Las Liebres and Serendipity. Turn right here,
go about a block to a large metal gate and small entrance sign that says
“Serendipity”.…that’s us!  You will see a 2 story building with Palapa roof on the
top of the hill. Proceed through the gate and up the little hill to our front parking
area.  Our 2 dogs may come running out barking (they are our doorbell), but they
are harmless.  If you don’t see anyone around when you come through the arched
entrance, just ring the bell to the right of the tall front door and I should hear you
or you can come in and call out… I have a monitor that connects to my office and
I will hear you.  

    Serendipity is located in the area called “Las Tunas”….the road you will take
is to La Pastora… Our number is 612-178-0104 or 612-108-3502 (cell).  You may
have to dial 044 first if you are dialing the cell number from a land line phone…
or dial 011 521 first if you are dialing as if you were calling from the states.  
Note:  If you are arriving after dark, then much of this may be more difficult to see.
It might be better to stop in town (maybe have dinner first) and call me from there
and I will come and guide you out to us.  Both Miguel’s restaurant (great food) across
from the Pemex or La Casita Restaurant across from Bancomer on Juarez (also
great food) know me and will let you call or they will call for you.  Just let them
know I sent you.  It also really helps if you let me know your approximate arrival
time in advance so I can watch for you.  

Bien Viaje!  
                                               Sharon Morris
We look forward to Welcoming You !!